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Our program is set up so that all kids participate together. This allows the older kids to help with the younger kids and everyone has a great time! We want the time the kids spend in Sunday school to be meaningful along with being a lot of fun. We have music, a lesson, crafts and games. Kids of all ages from our 3 year olds to our confirmation students and our Youth are welcome to join us.

We understand that our Grace Families have conflicting priorities – From school, to sports and to family events. We put together a program that will take those demands into account, but still provide fun and educational opportunities at our church. 

Educating our young ones is important at Grace, but we understand that kids and families are busy.

At Grace, we provide a program that is flexible, so our families can always feel welcome no matter how often they are able to attend!  The curriculum is related, but not cumulative, so kids will never be confused or left behind if they miss a day or do not attend regularly. 

​Each Month we will follow a theme with lessons, songs, crafts, and games to support that theme. 

Below is a letter to families that has more details about the program. Also below is the full calendar of the program year, so that families can plan and decide when they are able to come an event and join the fun.

​Sunday School is two Sundays a month from 10:15 AM- 11:00 AM.

Free. All are welcome!

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Our program consists of usually (2) sessions per month on Sunday’s after service and fellowship time.
Each session will be approximately 50 min long. When there are (2) sessions in the month, we follow the same theme or story for both sessions. The craft and/or games will change but the theme is the same. 

Everyone is welcome at every session, but if you can only make it to one session per month that is OK. We want our families to know that they can as often as they are able!
We are including an easy to read Calendar for the year with the dates for all sessions highlighted along with any special events, like the Christmas program and Trunk or Treat. This should help with your planning for the year. Please add this information to your family calendars!

To help with communication for our families so they have an easy way to access any and all information about Grace Sunday School…we will have multiple places to find information:
• The Blue Sheet in our weekly service bulletin •  Emails from the team to the parents
Our hope is that you feel comfortable participating, even if you are only able to come sporadically!