Are children welcome?  We love to see families at worship!! Activity bags are available to keep little hands occupied and are located in the gathering area,  just ask an usher.  Children are encouraged to be in worship and there will be a Children's Sermon immediately after the reading of the Gospel. Feel free to walk up with your little one. If desired, a staffed nursery for children under age 5 during Sunday morning activities is available free of charge. We kindly request that only healthy children attend. 

Sharing the peace. This takes a while at Grace.  Don't be surprised to see hugs, a kiss and of course, a handshake.   Don't be shy, folks will check for name tags or ask your name.  We want you to feel welcome!

A collection plate will be at the front of the church and one near the back of the church to drop an offering on your way to communion.  Many of our members give electronically so not everyone puts an envelop in the plate.

Can I cross myself? 
You will notice many crossing themselves at various times throughout worship, a very Christian thing to do.

Where can I park?  For your convenience there is a lit parking lot on the northeast corner as well as

unlimited street parking. Drive through the circular drive accessible in this parking lot to drop off;

Just a short walk under cover will get you  into the main doors, which are handicap accessible.

There are multiple handicap parking spaces throughout the property.

There are so many doors, which one is the right one? Our entrances are confusing!  The main entrance is off the circular drive, accessed from the parking lot. There is a convenient covered walkway from the parking lot in the event of inclement weather.  Mobility an issue?  There is a drop-off area if you use the circular drive.  

​​What if I can't open the door by myself?  Our main doors are handicap accessible, just look for the PUSH button to activate. 

What should I do with my coat? 
Coat rooms are located by both entrances. However, coats are allowed in the sanctuary so feel free to keep it with you.  

Why is the Baptismal Font in the gathering space?  We enter faith through Baptism and the font (basin) is located near the main door to remind us that it is through Baptism that we became a member of the family of God. Feel free to dip your fingers the water and draw a cross on your forehead in remembrance.  

262-242-1174                         find us on a map

Greeters/Hosts.  You will be welcomed by a “Greeter”.  This is our first step of hospitality and may connect you with a Host.  The Host will be very happy to answer any questions you may have as well as make sure you feel welcome and comfortable at Grace.  You will be introduced to the Pastor and invited to stay for Coffee after worship.  

Name Tags. Everyone gets one!  The first time you visit a temporary name tag is created for you.  On your second visit, you will have a permanent tag as we already consider you a "regular."

Coffee Fellowship.  We want you to stay after the service and grab a cup of coffee and snack in the gathering space.  Usual available snacks include juice for children as well as gluten-free options.

Visitor Packets. 
Visitor Packets are available at the Welcome Desk, please feel free to take one.  

If you still have questions, please feel free to ask an usher!


303 Green Bay Road   ~   Thiensville, Wisconsin  53092   ~   262-242-1174

Living New Grace


​​Communion.  Eucharist is celebrated at every worship service and all are invited to participate, even children. Usually, communion is done standing by Intinction which means you will receive a piece of bread or gluten-free wafer, hold onto it and step to the Cup which contains both wine (red) and grape juice (white). You may dip your piece of bread and then eat. Children whose parents wish only a blessing are encouraged to fold their arms across their chest.  Watch for an usher's cue, but don't worry you can't do it wrong. 

I have mobility issues, will this be a problem for me?  Grace is completely handicap accessible! Whether you are parking your car, entering the building, worshiping or need restrooms, we have made it convenient for you and your family. We recently renovated our worship space to accommodate wheelchairs and assistive devices that allow your family to sit with you. Large print bulletins are available as well as hearing assistance.  Just ask an usher. Additionally, there is a full-size elevator available for events on different levels of the building.  

Are restrooms conveniently located? Handicap accessible men's/ladies' restrooms are located off the gathering space. A family/unisex restroom is located outside Fellowship Hall, just a quick ride on the adjacent elevator.  Child care stations are available in all.  

As you walk into the worship space an usher will hand you a bulletin (large print available). The order of service is printed and will refer to two hymnals, ELW (Evangelical Lutheran Worship - Red) and WOV (With One Voice - Blue) located in the rack in front of your seat.  Traditional worship occurs on every Sunday of the month; contemporary worship is the last Sunday when Saved By Grace band leads worship.  Songs for that service will be printed in your bulletin.