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My Good Jesus is a congregation of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church. Located on the Pacific coast, they struggle with tropical storms that contribute to their unstable economy. We participate in the mission of Mi Buen Jesus by lifting them up in worship and prayer, financial support, mission visits and our university scholarship program. Whether we are working to grow church to church relationships or our companion relationship with the Salvadoran Lutheran Church as a whole, we use the accompaniment model of walking together. We work closely with the Sister Parish Office and Micro-Region leaders of  the Salvadoran Lutheran Church, coordinating all of our visits and  interactions with broad and transparent communication.

Members of Grace were part of the first synod delegations to El Salvador in the ‘90s, following their civil war. We celebrate El Salvador Sunday in November on Christ the King Sunday, which is widely celebrated in Latin America. Grace participates in synod accompaniment delegations as well as Missions of Holistic Healing. Missions of Holistic Healing are held annually in multiple locations in El Salvador during the month of February. Synod accompaniment delegations occur throughout the year, with delegations to the eastern zone generally occurring the week after Easter.  

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Grace initiated the first sister church university-level scholarship program in the eastern zone of El Salvador in 2011. In 2015, Grace provided university scholarships to 7 youth pursuing degrees in English and Public Accounting. In its relatively short existence, two recipients have already graduated, one in Nursing and another in Port Management. Tuition costs in El Salvador continue to rise, just as they do here, but a year’s tuition is still only about $1,500. A special collection is held on El Salvador Sunday to raise funds for the program, which has also received considerable support from Grace’s Endowment Fund.

Scholarship recipients are assumed to have money in El Salvador, and putting names to faces can put them at risk with the gangs. 

"Reaching out to all people as Disciples of Christ, we serve God, proclaim our faith, and care for all creation."

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